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Corruption "systemic" in government purchasing

"Corruption is rife within the NSW government's procurement process..."

"The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) released a report yesterday (June 13,2011) detailing the survey results that showed corruption was "systemic" across all tiers of government"

SMH June 14-07-2011

There seems to be a drastic need to make governments and government departments accountable for their actions.

Decisions are made by public servants which can appear totally bizarre and contrary to the public interest yet they are able to implement them with little or no justification.

Perfectly reasonable questions raised concerning how the decisions are made and complaints about their detrimental impact is typically fobbed off with some stock standard spin or stony silence.

One case in point is a NSW government tender which has been controversial from the start.

DSTA's Tender 1006 Workplace Supplies,overseen by Peter Duncan (DG) is seriously flawed yet specific complaints about the so called "benefits' spruiked by Mr Duncan are ignored.Ignored despite the serious complaints advising him that NSW State Schools are being disadvantaged as a result of the tender's implementation.

Is this the result of incompetence?Ignorance?Stupidity?Insensitivity?Recalictrance?Vested interests?Or just plain arrogance?

So far it doesn't seem possible to discount any of the above.And worse still is that the governing body overseeing NSW State Schools,DET,is complicit in allowing DSTA to disadvantage NSW State Schools.

Facts will be provided which hopefully will convince NSW taxpayers,parents of students and those fed up with unnecessary & deliberate waste of public funds to support action against this type of "public service".Unfortunately,it would seem that a class action might be the only way to get the message across that this behaviour is unacceptable and highly inappropriate.

This site is a work in progress but please call back frequently as further facts and details will be posted regularly.The idea is to provide an objective analysis of Tender 1006 and those involved in it's continued implementation despite the serious negative impacts.

Criticism of the website is most welcome and public debate on this and other public matters is encouraged.It's our right to question authority (especially defective authority) and expect to be heard

We are alleging that those people mentioned on this website are allegedly in breach of: Departmental codes of conduct,Bad Faith,Bias,Breach of Duty and possibly even conduct that can allegedly be construed as "corrupt" (at least allegedly "morally" corrupt).

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